Tile and Grout Cleaning


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Keeping tile and grout looking great takes a lot of work.

Even more so if the grout is not properly sealed. Some tiles tend to trap dirt, and grout can easily become stained. Whether you are looking for a one time cleaning to get your tile back in shape, or want to hand this troublesome task off to someone else forever, Floors N More can help. We've been cleaning area tile and grout to perfection for over 34 years. Call (360) 868-5458 for a free quote on having your tile and grout cleaned right!

Getting the Dirt Out of Your Grout

Grout and many types of tile are porous. That means that millions of little holes, divots, and other surface features trap dirt and debris, causing your beautiful tile work to become dark and dull over time. Floors N More specializes in restoring grout by expertly cleaning it, then sealing it to make it less porous.

Hot Water Extraction for Deep Tile Cleaning

Pressure puts force of dirt particles being held in your tiles, breaking them free and cleaning the surface. Pressure causes turbulence that gets into crevices to flush out tough dirt. Another word for the turbulence is agitation. Floors N More's tile and grout cleaning crew will arrive armed with the toughest tile cleaning equipment to give you the deep clean you're after, while protecting your flooring investment. Call (360) 868-5458 for a free quote.

Our Process for Tile and Grout Cleaning:

  • Vacuum all surfaces to remove superficial dirt and debris
  • Apply warm solution to the surface
  • Agitate the tiles and grout with our high powered machines
  • Fully extract the dirt and water
  • Seal the grout to prevent staining and make it less porous

When it comes to fast, thorough tile & grout cleaning no one beats Floors N More's high pressure hot water extraction process.

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